Art Mentor is committed to promoting musical. And we believe every kid is gifted with the ability to experience the joy and beauty of music, body movement, and expressing oneself. Therefore, we collaborate with schools and organizations to customize music & musical courses and music creation for school graduation ceremony performances, annual performances and/or public performances.
Musical Theatre Workshop School Tour

The musical theatre workshop program is touring in six secondary schools. Through interesting and interactive ways, students can experience the joy of drama and deepen their understanding of musical theatre. The content includes understanding the elements of musicals, singing and performance sessions, interactive and Q&A sessions, etc. It is hoped that through on-site exchanges, students will have a better understanding of the various aspects of musical theatre, and be fully exposed to elements such as drama, dance, and singing. Guiding them to understand and appreciate the performance skills on the stage. It not only leads interested students to understand real Broadway musicals but also injects vitality into theatres in Hong Kong, so as to achieve theatre and art education.


We believe in the potential, performing arts, and children’s ability to perceive art. We hope to hold more workshops, lectures, or regular courses to provide students with continuous art education and whole-person development training, which will not only inspire their artistic talents but also let more people know about musical theatre performances, and explore the possibility of drama.

Po Leung Kuk Tse Wong Pui Kuen Kindergarten-Cum-Nursery 2018-2019 Stage Performance Class

Art Mentor collaborated with Po Leung Kuk Tse Wong Pui Kuen Kindergarten-Cum-Nursery to give training for performing dancing, drama and singing. Our first song was written for this show.


The Story Plot:

Lok is going to graduate from kindergarten today. Many of his classmates are very much looking forward to becoming a primary school student, meeting new friends and learning new knowledges. However, Lok is unhappy because he feels that he is useless and afraid of making no friend.

His classmates comfort Lok and suggest him to participate in their activities to develop his interests and make friends. After learning the beauty of Chinese dance, the vitality of the dancers, the sensitivity of the rope skipping, and the rhythm of the jazz dance, Lok likes these activities very much. He even finds out that he likes music and wants to express his emotions through singing.

At last, Lok and his classmates continue to develop their own interests and dare to dream.

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