The Miracle of Music 2022 Rerun
A brand new original English musical for children!
29 Dec 2022 (THU) 2pm; 7pm
30 Dec 2022 (FRI) 2pm; 7pm
Shouson Theatre,
Hong Kong Arts Centre
Stall (1/F) HKD 300
Circle (3/F) HKD 120

Do you ever feel disconnected with everyone? Self-exploration is always a solution to begin with.

The principal has called Annabelle’s adoptive parents for a meeting again. Annabelle’s life in high school is not what she anticipates. She is often transferred from one school to another. One day, her adoptive parents discover her talent in music, and decide to send her to a music school.

Studying in the music school is fun. She is able to self-explore, meet friends and even arouse her curiosity to look for biological parents. Traveling between inner feelings and the father-daughter relationship throughout the Musical, it definitely is a family story of music, love and talent.

The Miracle of Music is a musical with original music and story produced by Art Mentor International Ltd. in Hong Kong. The actor students will perform to a high standard on stage with our professional student production team!


Creative Team

Director, Playwright: Marc Ngan

Music Director:-

Composer: Chan Wailok, Rachnoff

Choreographer: Harriet Yeung

Vocal Coach: Hilda Lam

Set and Costume Designer: Cecelia Cheung

Lighting Designer:

Sound and Recording Engineer: Jeffrey Liu

Assistant Director: Jacqueline Law

Assistant Choreographer: Jessica Cheung

Stage Manager:

Deputy Stage Manager:

Assistant Stage Manager: