Art Mentor School Musical Theatre Workshops

Musical combines not only vocal, dance, and drama, it is a kind of emotional and sensual pleasure and oblique experience that other genres might not be able to deliver to the audience, which our local students do not have many opportunities to get in touch with.
Art Mentor is committed to promoting theatre education.
Schools interested in promoting musical theatre could invite us to hold musical theatre workshops.

Introduction to Musical Theatre
A photo of musical interactive workshop

Our tutors, also professional musical theatre actors, give an introduction to musical theatre, explaining its art form, history and local development.

Performing Session
A photo of musical interactive workshop

Our tutors sing excerpts from well-known musicals and perform original songs from Art Mentor.

Interactive Session
A photo of musical interactive workshop

Led by our tutors, students learn a few dance steps and techniques. E.g. To sing a duet, to express emotions with singing, to use the stage space.


Art Mentor sincerely hopes that this would be a great chance for them to admire and learn about musicals,
welcome to contact us via  and call 3188 9831 to inquire about details.

Suitable for S1-S6 students
Available during school hours from Monday to Friday
The Interactive Lecture lasts around 1 hour (Tutors will arrive 1 hour earlier for preparation)
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