On the Waterfront 2017
Original music and story Broadway-styled musical!

Show Date & Time:
27 July (Thur) 7pm
28 July (Fri) 7pm


Y Theatre, Youth Square


In the summer of 1966, a family flees its home to escape the conflict in Northern China. They hide on board a passing ship heading South, but are ship-wrecked in a huge typhoon as they pass Hong Kong. 

Swimming for their lives, they come ashore in the British colony and are picked up and befriended by a local family: mother, father and their eight children, who themselves are battling to survive in the tough and corrupt Hong Kong.

Evoking all of the essence of the era, it is by turns adventurous, sentimental, charming and frightening. All within the framework of a sparking musical score which breathes new life into the fabulous Hong Kong. Enjoy!