The Miracle of Music
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Songs from The Miracle of Music - The Miracle of Music


Annabelle grew up in an orphanage. A piece of melody had been surrounding her. The melody guided her to find her birth parents eagerly; she wrote many letters to them but never received replies.

At the age of 12, Annabelle was adopted by the orphanage nurse, Helen, who promised to love Annabelle like her own. Annabelle soon started her education in a private music school. She met new friends: Delilah, Luna, Hildegard, and Harmony. She shared her life with her friends and hummed to them the mysterious melody that had been swirling in her head.

In a coincidence, Ms. Marshall, her music teacher told her a startling secret about the mystery melody: It was in their music school that Annabelle's birth parents, Andrew and Virginia, first met and fell deeply in love.

Driven by a burning desire to understand why her birth parents were separated from her, Annabelle joined her adoptive brother and friends to find her father. With the support of her friends, she unraveled the heart-wrenching truth: Her mother passed away giving birth to her, while Andrew abandoned the young Annabelle.

Though hurt and even ran away from home, Annabelle chose to reconcile. With the warm embrace of her adoptive family, she forgave her birth dad. Meanwhile, Andrew, aware of his daughter's relentless search, sent her a farewell through a piece of score.


Cast 25 (13 Main characters & Ensemble)
Act 1
Scene 10
Songs 14



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