Butterfly Lovers
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Inspired by the Chinese legend, Butterfly Lovers is a reimagination of the classic love story, presented as a modern-day English musical.

Set in Hong Kong, our story follows Alvin; a teenager raised from a low-income family, and in addition to studying hard for his university entrance exams, also works part-time at a convenience store to provide extra income for his struggling family. In contrast, is Elise; who is raised from a rich socialite family, and although her family has plans for her to join the family business, she wishes to have a stronger connection with the struggling working class around her.

In an unexpected encounter, Alvin and Elise meet and it is love at first sight. But just as quickly as they fall in love, society around them is quick to remind them that their love is not a realistic pursuit.

Is the purist of adolescent true love enough to conquer the opposing forces? Or will fate have to play a part in the future of these two Butterfly Lovers?


Cast 30+ (10 Main characters & Ensemble)
Act 2
Scene 16
Songs 17



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