Songs from Housemates - If Only You Knew...
Songs from Housemates - One And the Same
Songs from Housemates - 大笪地的日子


70s Hong Kong is vibrant and filled with opportunities. Many believed in the "Hong Kong dream": that one can achieve any goals in life if they persist through the obstacles presented to them. Like the vast majority of young people, Lee Junior and his sisters have big dreams and high hopes for the future. Yet, these are all secret ambitions hidden away due to their familial duties.

As the 11st generation of Lee's Herbal Tea Shop, their father Lee, expects his children to continue the same tradition and carry on the legacy like he once did. Will Junior give up his dream for his family name? Will his sisters choose to obey their father's wishes? Or will they break the conventional expectations of this family and community to follow their heart's desire? 

"Housemates" is a tribute to Hong Kong-style nostalgia and local culture; the script, music, lyrics, choreography, and direction are created by local artists. This musical presents the story between two generations of family, friends, and neighbors as they endure the changes from the wheel of time, and reach a mutual understanding through love and acceptance.


Cast 30+ (14 Main characters & Ensemble)
Act 1
Scene 10
Songs 13



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