Tang Chak Yan Joshua
Tang Chak Yan is a Hong Kong composer currently pursuing his postgraduate studies in the Royal College of Music in London. He found his passion in a wide range of musical styles at a young age, which influenced his works to cover a wide variety of genres, including contemporary classical, musical theatre, film score, pop music, religious music and multimedia works. His work, Cueva de la Manos was performed and broadcasted on RTHK Radio 4 in 2018. He also got first in the Young Artist International group of the Golden Key Music Festival Piano Composition Competition in 2019. He was commissioned for several musical theatre productions, in 2023, he composed and premiered his English musical, Annabelle: Guardian Angel. Besides, he took up one or more roles including composer, music arranger and lyricist in various other theatre productions. Besides composing, he also actively works in performing roles, including Zoo as Metaphor II; Online Lecture Series: Eight History-Making Music Inventions; and, keyboardist in Left Hand Side.