Hilda Lam
Vocal Coach
As the recent singing competition champion and multiple award winner, Hilda has successfully established her career as a crossover singer in the classical and contemporary (CCM) genres. The award-winning singer originally emerged from a classical singing background. She began her journey at a young age studying privately with soprano, Cindy Leung; and later continued her vocal training at the University of Alberta (Augustana campus) under the tutelage of Kathleen Corcoran and Harold Wiens. She further completed her Masters degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Western Ontario with notable Canadian soprano, Jackie Short. In 2017, Hilda received the full vocal scholarship from the Wirth Institute of Austrian and Central European Studies to attend the German Lieder performance program at the Franz Schubert Institute in Austria, where she studied with international master teachers and coaches such as, Elly Ameling, Robert Holl, and Deen Larsen. Besides performance, Hilda is a strong advocate for music education, especially for early learners between ages 0-5. She has been teaching for over 7 years; having started as a community student teacher and recently stepped into her new role as the founder and director of Studio VivaVoce. Hilda is thrilled to return home and collaborate with the team of Art Mentor to advocate the importance of performing arts, and continue to nurture and inspire the young generation by bringing the presence of music and theatrical arts into the community.